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Data Protection Statement


The purpose of this statement is to summarise what happens with your personal data kept by the General Secretary (‘GS’) on behalf of the Windsor & Eton Choral Society (“WECS”), which controls your data. This is required for the new legislation coming into force (the General Data Protection Regulation or ‘GDPR’) in May 2018. If you have any questions, please contact the Society’s GS ( who acts as the Society’s Information Officer. We suggest you pour a nice glass of wine before you read the rest.

Where and how your data is collected and processed

· All the personal details you submit to the Society, either as a current Member, or during the application process (whether you are applying to be a singing Member or to subscribe as a ‘Friend’) are recorded by the GS on a spreadsheet (which is updated from time to time when you supply us with updated details).

· Photos of each Member are also taken by the Society.

· It is necessary for the performance of our contract with you (our membership/subscription terms and conditions as applicable) to process your data in the way described in this Statement. The administration of our choir is also in our legitimate interests and does not unfairly prejudice your rights and freedoms.

Sharing your data internally and with third parties

Your data is kept on the GS’s computer and the database itself is not shared with any third parties aside from the following:

· Choir Administration: In order to administer the choir’s performances and subscriptions, we need to collect your phone number, email address, details of voice and height and any other pertinent details you have submitted to us as part of the process of renewal or setting up of your membership. This may include the following uses of your data:

o Members of the Society’s Committee and the Newsletter Editor may receive these details in connection with the roles they perform on behalf of WECS.

o Email addresses of Members are sent to the Chairman of the Society when the GS is on holiday in case the need arises for notices to be sent to Members.

o A list of Members with their photos and email addresses is emailed to the Society librarian for music order forms to be sent to Members.

o When singing at certain locations (for example including Windsor Castle), your name, date of birth, address and photo is emailed to the event producer for them to issue security passes.

o A Gift Aid schedule which details Friends’ names, postal addresses and emails addresses is emailed to the Treasurer for submitting to HMRC.

o Registers for each concert showing the Members’ names and photos are emailed to the event’s Stage Manager for printing.

o A spreadsheet with the name, voice, height and subscription status of each Member is emailed to the Stage Manager for preparation of the seating plan. When the plan is complete it is returned to GS to have the Members’ photos inserted before circulating it to all Members of the choir.

o A spreadsheet is emailed to the organiser of our social events (e.g. our Summer Party) with all the Members’ names and email addresses so that you can be contacted about those events.

· Photos: Photo lists are emailed to the WECS Committee so that we can identify you and may be emailed to events producers for the issuance of security passes. The photos of children under 16 cannot be used without the guardian’s permission. We do not upload photos onto online social media or our website unless you have expressly consented to this and you may withdraw this consent at any time on emailing the GS.

· Newsletters: We may also use your letter to send you our email newsletter from time to time. You will be provided with a way of unsubscribing from the newsletter at the bottom of each newsletter or again you may contact the General Secretary to request this. WECS may then store your details on a list to record your opt out.

· Subscriptions: A list of the Friends along with their subscription status is emailed regularly to the Friends Secretary so that she/he may contact Friends regarding renewal of subscriptions and in connection with Friends’ events, which are sometimes organised.

· Discounts: The list of Friends is also emailed to the Concert Secretary for checking Friends’ discount entitlement when they apply for tickets.

Overseas Transfers

We do not send or store your data or otherwise transfer your data overseas outside the EU.


Where your data is sent outside the Society then by law, those recipients are obliged to ensure appropriate security protection is in place to protect your data and it is a legal requirement on us also to ensure this is in place. Recipients of the data extracts are expected to store them on a computer that has regular anti-virus scans and to not pass the extracts on to third parties without the agreement of the Committee.

We also have security standards protecting our own storage of the data including use of anti-virus software. The Society keeps regular backups of the data on memory sticks, which are stored in a secure locked location.

Keeping your details updated and records retention

· It is your responsibility to ensure that any changes to your personal details are communicated to us. However, we may send you periodic reminders to check this.

· When a Member resigns from WECS their record is flagged as resigned and kept until year end, when it will be moved to a separate database of ex-Members for statistical purposes.

· At each year end those Members who haven’t paid their subscriptions are asked if they want their names removed or kept for another year, if no reply is received they are assumed to have resigned and are transferred to a separate database of ex-Members.

· We will store your records for as long as you are a Member or Friend as applicable. We will hold onto these records for only as long as necessary. Depending on the circumstances, this may be for a period of six years after your membership has ceased for the purposes of handling any complaints and legal claims.

· In relation to the data on the Gift Aid forms only, the GS stores all membership application forms and renewal forms that have signatures for gift aid. The Gift Aid forms are retained by the Treasurer for up to seven years, for record-keeping and legal reasons. The printed registers are maintained by the Society’s Voice Registrars and filed for archival purposes after the completion of the concert but destroyed after a year.

Your rights

You have the right to object to the way we use your personal data.

You may request a copy of your personal data that is held by the Society.

You have the right to correct your data and for us to erase your data.

In all of these cases or if you have any questions or complaints about the use of your data please contact the GS.

You may also contact the Information Commission as follows:

Last revised April 2018.